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"Love, Still searching for peace & release from old wounds?

I can help.XO"

Life Coach & Author of "roots of forgiveness"   Fierce Healing after Betrayal & other losses.
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 "Christine is more than a coach- she is a reassuring witness, reminding you of the magic of who you really are. I recommend her highly...."  Laurie

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What's Your Heart Seeking?

Come out of the rain ~ with Me.


I see YOU, I've been there... Let me show YOU an empowering path through...

  Imagine waking up tomorrow, gently opening your eyes and realizing that you NO longer have to feel afraid of the pain that’s had its hooks into you for so long.  Can you imagine the wide and deep feeling of that?


Imagine realizing that you‚Äôre NO longer weighed down by the feelings of helplessness triggered¬†by - your heartbreak of betrayal, or the grief of loss from your divorce or a loved one‚Äôs death, or the unhealed wounds you‚Äôve collected over years ‚Äď all that have held power over you ‚Äď dulling your inner light and reducing your hopes of love and happiness.¬†

What might be possible if instead ‚Äď through deep inner work, you gradually found that each morning you woke to a new ‚Äúway of being‚ÄĚ with yourself?

Cultivating and owning a feeling that your body, mind and heart were increasingly grounded, clear and positive.  And you realized you were healing and rising stronger.

What would be possible? If your new normal was feeling alive with a liberated energy of courageous love, freedom to be happy with your personal power of agency, the belief that you have power to make a difference in your world and the whole world?

Or just to be very personal ‚Äď WHAT WOULD BE POSSIBLE... if you could simply feel anchored in ease and inner peace to the point where a deep easy breath was possible? Cause we both know that when our hearts, bodies and minds are weighed down by the heaviness of pain ‚Äď there is no space in our bodies to take a deep breath.¬†

My beautiful friend… it’s time for you to breath again. 

I can help. 

 I remember when.....Life felt sweet, promising and full again. 

Then out of the blue¬†-¬†as happens in the dynamic unpredictability¬†of "real life" ¬†¬†¬†‚Ästboom! -¬† betrayal¬†crashed into my wonderful world¬†&¬†cracked open what I believed¬†was my 5 years of loving committed relationship.

And the excruciating dilemma of what to do next ??? ... - along with what (I believed)  this said "about ME" ... all which, pressed painfully into my wounded heart. 

I soon found that my heartbreak of betrayal and the life consequences hooked to it - were so painfully heavy - I couldn't recover my capacity just to breath, to relax, to focus, to think or to just feel normal - again.

No matter how much I worked and committed to rise, forgive and move forward, I stayed stuck in the cycle of pain.

 All I wished was to escape the totally consuming heart-break that sat upon my chest like a big scary intruder hooked into my Being. 

How had I come to this place of unhappiness and broken-hearted-ness - "again"? 

Especially after I had given so much of myself - eyes wide open. 

What could I do now to free my wounded heart from this triggered cage of pain? 

Where was my life experienced blind-spot?

If I wanted to stay and try to forgive him - How would I even begin to integrate this and maintain my integrity with my Self and my life? 

Although I still loved him... how could I ever know for sure whether leaving or staying would be the right choice? 

What would it take to rebuild and reignite my capacity, my energy for Joy & Love?     Was it even possible?

How could I ever freely TRUST him or anyone, again?


Hello Sweet Friend... I'm Christine..

I'm a certified Life Coach, focused in personal transformational empowerment, inspired action to healing trauma, fierce forgiveness & grace work.  All paths that in fact lead to the Rise to OUR most brilliant beautiful Self - and an empowered building of resilience, & resilient Love - which can alchemize out of the pain, suffering and insight - available to fire UP our Growth out of Heartbreak.  

An experienced "Heart-Warrior" myself - I rose to positively engage my life after personal betrayal - and discovered my own Path to deeper resilience, personal agency, joy and authentic resilient Love - beyond my experience of profound pain while enduring one of relationship's toughest challenges.  

And if this is you, I want to help YOU to do the same. 

There are many different experiences that ignite a feeling of being betrayed. 

Betrayed by partners, family, friends, career.. dreams... even ourselves ~ EACH carry the potential to deliver disappointments causing us deep pain. 

Whatever your crisis of heart is - I can help you find Your Path forward. 

Even if, you've come to realize you don't feel connected to yourself. 

To learn to feel Alive with Love & Joy going forward. To Open. To Flourish. To Thrive.... I can help you there. 

We can journey that Path Together.

My book,  on launch day was a #1 best seller on Amazon “roots of forgiveness -  Find Freedom to Heal in Your Marriage After Betrayal" is honed from my personal journey through and beyond betrayal-to genuinely forgive, build resilience, heal and create a new Love relationship experience. 

Whether YOUR best self-loving decision is to STAY OR GO - YOU have Power of CHOICE.

What I found was freedom to renew my love of life and a new love for myself - first. Self-LOVE.

Then to journey the path of my power of choice to forgive and renew love with my partner. 

Whatever YOUR choice - my 8 essential elements offer an exploratory start & powerful path forward - for You.  

It is written as my Love Letter to You. 

If it's skilled, experienced individual support you seek - as YOUR Life Coach, I offer you a unique coaching program of ongoing loving support for positive self-development & change to empower & strengthen you with skills beyond the elements of my book -to continue to find and profoundly cultivate your freedom to rebuild, heal, choose and once again Love Your relationship, Love YOURSELF &  your life.  

IF this is YOU, my beautiful new friend....

If YOU have been wounded, burned by betrayal in relationships and long for freedom to heal the wounds that trigger you everyday, I can help  you. 

If you feel shamed, anxious, irritated and emotionally imprisoned,  I can help you. 

If YOU are ready to reclaim yourself, find Inner Peace and build Spirit Grit and live YOUR best most happy wholehearted life.

I can help you rise to that.

If YOU are longing for freedom from the emotional cage of suffering, sadness, fear, anger, shame, uncertainty or resentment, feeling not enough, and even if you don't know why you feel the way you do .... but you know you want to feel BETTER...and  YOU are ready to rise with a resilient Empowered loving heart, to Rise Awakened & Transformed -  to Thrive beyond the Wounds you feel light, joy, grace, radiant LOVE...

Then, I invite you to message me  * OR *   Book a complimentary Discovery Call with me and let’s explore if working with me is a fit for YOU.

Together, let's empower Your Dream of Healing, of Love, Peace, Ease and Happiness - to become YOUR brilliant rebirthed reality.  

 ... What will it continue to COST you if you don't? ..... 

It's Your Beautiful Time-NOW...    CLICK Below 

Hello beautiful Being & Welcome!

I'm Christine Elizabeth Leon and since I was a kid ~ I've been obsessed with understanding what causes and releases us from our emotional pain in all forms, and ignites our unshakeable access to our own love-joy resilient energy.   Growing up in a childhood home burdened with disappointment, anger, frustration, betrayal, fear, secrets and limiting beliefs ~ all disguised behind outward smiles to please others and efforts to appear happy, grounded and in control - I longed for an answer to heal everyone's pain.   I longed to understand my parent's struggle to be happy in their marriage and life and what stood in the way of that for them.   Throughout life I have sought to understand and master the process to creating authentic, fulfilling and loving relationships in the game of life. 

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