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Do you believe YOU ARE...

....STRONG, KIND, SMART, HILARIOUS, CAPABLE, SWEET, LOVABLE, AMAZING, ENOUGH ... ? Why Not?  ... Let's find out - together. Isn't it time to Invest in YOU?

Transformational Coaching 1:1

Your Challenges?? If so, See the Benefits of Working with ME

Challenges of my clients:      

  • ‚Äčfeel disconnected from partner and authentic Self
  • negative, bitter, in deep pain from betrayal
  • feel lonely or flat; or irritated and angry in relationship
  • frustrated with status quo
  • no ¬†skills or language to effect change
  • feel unhappy, invisible, ¬†insignificant, unsupported
  • chronic communication problems
  • want more/not sure what/ but want freedom from pain and confusion
  • want to feel whole, again - or for the first time ever

Benefits of Working with me:


  • significantly increased personal happiness and positive personal agency
  • skills/tools to:
    • ‚Äčaffect positive personal change and experience freedom for connection
    • build effective self-loving communication
    • higher loving consciousness and clarity - Self and other
    • cultivate with practice resilient joy and happiness
    • lovingly manage conflict with emotional intelligence
  • increased sexual satisfaction and desire
  • ignite personal power
  • relationship healing and re-building to thrive
  • ...and more

Focus first, with loving-kindness, on your own Well-Being .. Begin there" ...Coach Christine


What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is a dynamic process engaging a blend of professional coach training expertise, life experience and innate ability. Coaching utilizes personal strategic planning (goals & accountability), values clarification, creative brainstorming, cultivation of empowering self-awareness practices, resilience building & broadening training - & other techniques, to create your positive, personal transformation.  

Core Energy Coaching... shifts energy from lower to higher levels of energy behind core thoughts.  Core thoughts are explored to determine whether they serve to drive your best life or hold you back.  Core thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, interpretations, emotions...and more.  Within the safety of the coaching process they are examined, befriended, re-framed, shifted, healed... all to increase capability, agility and resilience to engage your best energies for your best life.  

Coaching is an alive dynamic.  Science shows that the new shifts endure (rewiring new neuro-pathways) when we start to practice new ways of being.

Coaching is most effective when both the coach & client are open and honestly straightforward in their communication.  The client sets the agenda for each session. Coaching efficacy depends on the client's willingness to take risks and try new approaches.  The process is designed to be direct and challenging.

Coaching success is dependent on many factors including but not limited to the commitment, energy, effort and investment of you, the client.

"Coaching has been defined in a doctoral level study as:
A relationship where a coach supports, collaborates with and facilitates client learning by helping a client to identify and achieve future goals through assessment, discovery, reflection, goal-setting and strategic action." (Brenda Wilkins, Ph.D., University of Montana)" (copied from a Coaching Statistics site)

Benefits of A Coach ( ..pulled off an ICF site)
* fresh perspective on persona challenges
*enhanced decision making skills
* greater interpersonal effectiveness
* increased confidence
* productivity improvement
* increased satisfaction in life and work
* attainment of relevant goals


Coaches Do Not:

Coaches do not fix people, tell clients what to do, give answers, serve as a counselor. Coaches believe that clients are whole, perfect and resourceful... just as they are.  That the client has all the answers contained inside of them.  The role of the coach is basically the help the client unlock their answers, create a path of growth and clear the way for their best life.


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