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Have you forgotten Your Own Special Magic of Who You Are?

Transformational Coaching 1:1
V.I.P. Immersion Day

Transformational Coaching 1.1


Cultivate Resilient Joy & Fierce Loving Grace

There are many elements to a loving and healthy relationship. Living life to its fullest requires the courage and self-confidence to be open to adapt and thrive in whatever life brings. Easier said then done, Right?   

I've discovered 8 essential elements that lead to transformational healing & joyful resilience for the challenges that come- to enable YOU to FEEL renewed, BE Alive from Loving Grace,  and grounded to grow into the BEST VERSION of YOURSELF. 

Radiantly Confident.

You deserve to regard yourself as brilliant, giving, loyal, loving, successful. Betrayal and other challenges of life (i.e. divorce, loss of loved one, loss of job, a global pandemic, loss of loved friends, disconnection with children or family, etc.) can rob you of the confidence you once felt connected to in that positive self-regard.  Still, you have the innate POWER to recreate your life & a "new" relationship(s) to feel alive and lovingly connected again. To heal, repair, reframe, or forgive and let go... all in order to lift your life with love. 

First beginning with YOURSELF and then with Others. 

Has your ability to "feel" joyful or alive -  been buried, drained or sealed up by wounds of life?
What if you could re-connect to a deeper Self-love, achieve clarity of divine choice, and positive healing and strength - first, with yourself, and then, in your relationship - starting from "right where you are"?


Fierce Forgiveness & Resilience - through Love in ACTION and Grace Ignited   is my coaching program ethos. 

Your 1.1 Personal Coaching with me will begin with exploring where you are right Now and where you want to GO. Uncovering your limiting beliefs and your way of framing meaning in your life. 

Your Values, your Goals and your well as your Wounds that need to be Heard, Seen, Loved and Healed. 

Then together  ....

Here's What You Get - 

Together with Me - YOU WILL build and broaden your capacity to address life's experiences, from an unshakeable and deeply rooted awareness of who you are with ownership of your own brilliant loving personal power.  
YOU WILL expand your capacity to engage Life through a grounded core of transformational self-love, compassion, resilience, 

spirit-strength, curiosity and joy.  


And being Reminded of Your Unique Magic...

OK! With a YES! to our North Star - Schedule YOUR Free Discovery Call and Let's explore together if my transformational program is a fit for YOU. 

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V.I.P. Immersion Day


V.I.P. Transformational Immersion Day is designed to be an intensive 4-Hour - 1 Day, 

"deep dive" package "break-through" experience for brilliant women - just like you - who want to jump-start their healing journey.

What you Get

1) What's working and how to create more of that.

 2) What's blocking your full spectrum of happiness, love and joy - which is your birthright.

3) An individual program designed to begin the journey to the Best Version of Yourself.

V.I.P. Days  are designed and tailored to fit the individual vision of each V.I.P. ...You. 


You are amazing and brilliant.

A very important  and Unique person just as you are. 

And Yet  -Do you ever feel like you have forgotten this?

The V.I.P. Immersion Day experience is designed to ignite this new awareness and create a more powerful Self view. 

You will feel... lighter, brighter, calmer and stronger.... with an increased capacity for Joy - and the seeds of Self-Awareness.


Ok with a YES! Schedule Your Call and Free Discovery Session to find out if a V.I.P. Immersion Day is a fit for YOU. 




V.I.P. DAY CLIENT TESTIMONIAL from C.P. Attorney at Law, Feb. 2019:

"I was quite fearful of change in my life. After meeting with Chris, I realized I could..." 

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