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My 66th Birthday ReBoot – A Love Letter

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Hello!!! Christine 

This is my 66 BIRTHDAY REBOOT POST !! (Originally Posted on my FB) ::::

May 1st 2019,

Today is my birthday! 66! Seriously Wow!! It arrived in a blink.

Time moves on even if we are dragging our feet on the road of life. It never slows. It moves with mission.

I feel so gratefully blessed to wake-up today, and each day, to have another chance to play in my choice of actions.

As I wake, I pause to review the import of this day, this b-day and explore the deeper meaning of what I coach myself around for my life, and as well, what I see coming up in others I seek to help through coaching, in loving service to them.

So, in honor of “a” birthday event – (this one mine) – I ask – “What is resilient Joy? What is graceful maturing beauty? What is an essential key to living a good life? Why does practicing forgiveness matter for our best life? What is the fall-out of not practicing to forgive? … What does it mean to practice to live each day with a “balanced” warrior’s enlightened heart?

So, in the spirit of sharing myself and my birthday thoughts with you – I have written this as a spirit supporting letter to myself. A reminder of what I practice and desire to cultivate in my life. And because I am Human it is an everyday prayer to myself to stay with it and not become discouraged by the lows nor the highs of life. But instead to find the sweet spot in the spacious middle for peaceful resilient joy.

If you are so inclined to want to jump on this stream of consciousness birthday ride with me  – I lovingly welcome you and thank you.

To accompany this heart-full ride, I will also add a little parade of pictures to post that represent my birthday morning preparation. A pictorial of my morning “getting ready” for the day from a place of joy to be alive, awake and moving through it. FYI – I am attending a BHNC Women’s club Tea today (May 1) so it’s perfect for the fun morning ritual on my B-Day!

Sweet Note: Welcome to my version of 66!! Indeed, We each have a uniquely special version of our “Self” – and we each, have freedom to choose how we will travel in our body’s temple through life & on our Birthday. We are ALL equally amazing, unique & beautiful. Do it Your Way. Reflect on it & align it to speak of YOU. XO….. Here is my way. ***

** Loving Choice : Reflections for this Birthday **

:: First – my choice of intention with my inner attitude for the day is important. I choose graceful, resilient, radiant joy, and beauty. To feel that way from the inside out. Which to me is a capacity to hold space for myself to be, at times, frustrated as hell with everyday struggles and wounds that come up, as they inevitably will – be it through – assumptions, misinterpretations, or limiting beliefs. To challenge the accompanying thoughts and to choose to lift myself up, explore the story in my head, realign for truth, clear my heart and self-encourage on to forward empowered energy – again and again – beyond tears, fear, doubt and pain.

To choose to regard each event with a blend of compassion, patience, grit, guts, grace, clear boundaries and compassionate forgiveness – engaging until the closest thing to the desired end-state is realized, or, the necessary change or adjustment – has been accepted and put into action.

Capabilities all – learned, practiced – each day – cultivated over time. The positive power to rise.

:: This Choice of inner living-style calls in a heart & conscious acceptance that times of joy are just as passing as the hard-knocks that will inevitably come. To commit to practice each day – to build and broaden my inner strength and capacity to embrace and endure (with love) then rise – beyond each experience of living. To ride the waves of all: the joyful births, romance, youth, fortune, success, health – and then in kind – the inevitable dips of challenging struggles brought by loss, death, disappointment, time, gravity, betrayal, pain, illness, or loneliness… and all the “realities” that the impermanence of life brings.

:: We live in a constant shift of change, dynamic – never set or solid. All is in motion – seen or unseen. And all experiences, smooth or rough, carry seeds of inherent beauty and wisdom to reap, honor and integrate into the making of our best life. Our full-on appreciation and acceptance of the adventure of life.

:: Living well brings the highest challenge in acceptance of the fact that all will pass. So – to embrace the miracle of each moment – in the NOW – eyes open – PRESENT – as best one can be – is the invitation.

To view life as though it were a moment – landed like a glorious butterfly in the open palm of your hand. To be cherished for the miracle of it – with awe and tenacious engagement. To take the ease and the hard with equal acceptance and respect for the meaning and growth they offer. To remember – nothing is wasted.

Life each day is the path to my full Self. To my Soul home. To God. Divine. Love, Spirit & Light.

:: Our Heart’s strongest calling – authentic forgiveness. Forgiveness is love in action. So, practice to come from love, embody love – no matter what. Even as you curse the suffering of struggle against the truths of living – Still remember to seek – love, tenderness, the peaceful stillness that is available underneath the noise of pain and suffering – and to move closer and closer to knowing ourselves as love. Again and again. And eventually, (and Yes! it will happen) to rise with openness to the resilient JOY that has cooked in us a resilient Spirit from the powerful effort and practice to live with love as our True North Star.

Since Truth is – sometimes the hard work of living gets to us – it’s the most Self-compassionate act of endeavoring to not give up that is the steel love ethos of each of us.

That radiant inner shine. That resilient Joy and glow of Love – cultivated from the deep personal positive work. I believe that is resilient Joy. That is graceful maturing beauty. That is living a good and best life.

And it is the continuous self-empowering commitment of spring-clearing our hearts through the cultivated practice of kindness and forgiveness (again, love in action) that frees and OPENS the pores of our Being, like illuminated tiny opening on our skin glowing out the light from our inner love.

:: Do you think something is Unforgiveable?  ….The fall out of refusing to forgive is the sealing over of our portals of love, layering on defense, bearing an every growing heavier burden, bitterness building that eats a soul – which is all to say, it cocoons in our radiant resilient joy and replaces it with self-imposed suffering in a cage with poison, which only imprisons and poisons us. This is a life of an imprisoned heart. When we are hurt or injured – we are already in pain. Isn’t holding onto that pain simply creating more suffering, hurt and pain for ourselves? Forgiveness is the key to this cell. Willingness through and with Grace is the start and then the hard work begins on the path to self-loving freedom. We each, all of us, need to be forgiven at some point, in this life, or the hereafter – so this is part of our divine path. Embrace this higher consciousness and deeply profound personal work of growth.

:: ….. And then, in good measure – remember your miraculous body – practice great self-care acts : hydration, exercise, active friend/family community, nourishment, prayer/mediation, practices of positivity and optimism, healthy boundaries and work/finance healthy honest balance… they all matter.

Taken all together – Now there’s a sweet-spot juicy birthDAY cocktail – for a good life happy hour- every hour! Inner and outer practices to create my best life – Yes!! Big Yes!! To the effort and intention of it all. With Love.


…. And SO there it is… My Birthday Reboot!!

Dear Ones all..
Happy day with tons of love to each of you.
I invite you to be reborn in your own intentions to embody love each day.

It is a practice. Life long.

The return is priceless and ageless.

Tons of love to you… each.

I want to invite your thoughts that came up for you – I would love to know what landed on your heart as I shared mine.

And if you or someone you know are in the emo struggle and want support around it… check out my website at and send me a message and we will explore it together. Or PM me here on this site.

Thank you for taking this sweet birthday ride with me and for all your best Wishes. (Btw: My bday was a fantastic day… and I Thank YOU each for your sweet Wishes.) It was a great day!
Always with love, Christine

PS Watch for upcoming announcements regarding my book in audio and paperback launching in a few months. Xo

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