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Ship of Friends

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Today, as I sift through my soul-searching “in-basket”, overflowing with

questions & angst, seeking direction, longing for my inner-Captain … to

awaken my strength, as I have many times before … I’m profoundly

motivated to give attention to and reaffirm, my ingrained state of

gratitude for my amazing friends ….

…..Especially in my seasons where the universe commands me to strap-in,

and ride the emotional tidal wave of change and transformation.

Significant shifts, all of which, I have historically done very openly amidst

my intimate friends….

Yet, with each of the 40 plus passing calendar years of our friendships, … as

a tribe, we’ve evolved and we’ve deepened in our wisdom. ….We’ve

practiced sharing with impunity the “all-knowing” opinions we’ve collected

and provoked in each other, by the unique places this spirited-earthly-

journey has taken us…both individually and collectively.

We participate in intimate conversations with each other, draped by

a well-nurtured….. yet, delicate “freedom, to be who we are, to be real……

……And yet, who we are, is mixed, colored by the highs and the lows,

empowered by our courage, as well as, weighed-down by our individual

fears and concerns, dimensions typically found in all human-beings.

Each friend contributes a unique blend of both their tough, and their soft

heart, their rough and their gentle words, closed or open-eyed – styles of

expression – all knitted together and delivered with conviction.

The resulting dynamic, because, indeed, without question, we do value our

friendships, is that we hold an awareness of our quest, which is to find

ways to keep our communication steady and open – during, throughout, and

after, the occasional, yet essential, journey through foreign human-primal

patches of ego-driven voices.

Sudden quick cutting words blurted-out… inaccurately conveying hardness

of heart with one another, or an uncharacteristically poorly couched point,

that sounds arrogant, judgmental and conclusive. All these uncomfortable

awkward moments, within the theatre of long comfortable lifetime

friendships… where although, love undoubtably lives… the truth is, we

sometimes forget – that something of real value is at stake here.

Moments, which have the power to shut-down…. and cut-off….

a friendship.

These times, I believe…are critical and magical moments.

They are the food for self-growth, for self-discovery, & personal


For these are the places, where, if, the challenge of expanding all our

hearts, in keeping loving-kindness flowing forward, backward, and all

around in our little village, within our deep unbreakable friendships – is

achieved… And, the good intentions, that are at times, unintentionally

“miscommunicated”- (….it happens, with our human tendency to error …)

– IF, these “energized-nuggets” can be plucked out of that quick-sand

mess and then…transformed by ourselves, to be understood, absorbed and

utilized as energy to fuel good strong intentions for self-reflection

– for open-hearted-ness

…. and then motivate us to a re-examination of our actions &

thoughts, under an enlightened beacon …Offering a prayer for less

suffering …for the collective loving higher consciousness of all… And most importantly,

if, all this, can happen, without the need of fanfare or dramatic publicity…

– Then THIS is where… on a day like today… when there’s a moment to

reflect on one’s friends, after an evening of rough & tumble girl-talk… aligned with

their collective mission, to protectively counsel a dear beloved friend –

like… for instance, … ME…

– about how to manage challenging affairs of my heart …

with their colorful potpourri of chatter… and with intended … good-good

hearted …points of view…

in these moments of reflection – I come to realize …..

…..that in the end, whether in concurrence with them, or not, whether their

views are compatible, in harmony, with mine, or not,

….is not… really the issue… or the point.

– What Shines Brightly …here… for me, is the consistently generous giving

of their steady never-ending collective love, deep concern and sincere

spending of their heart’s energy, with desire for all things “good”- in and

for – all of our friend’s lives… – this time it’s for my life.

– Never displaying their fatigue or disdain of our struggles. It is in this ship of love,

that a genuine treasure is found. Indeed, I believe, it is a genuine

friendship test. And it’s this call of awareness to be grateful that I sing

about here.

And … Oh yes, I’m grateful for my fate, my ying & yang, my luck or whatever it

was that endowed me a life “worthy” of my amazingly loving friends & family…

and…I’m so grateful for the new friends that I haven’t met yet but with whom

my life and theirs will be further enhanced, and as my full and ever evolving crazy life

journey continues – my Gratitude

flows …for long ago…

when speaking of lifelong deep friendships … my Ship gloriously came in.